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We are a Private Infant Education Centre (CEI) with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, authorised by the Regional Ministry of Education, always guaranteeing the highest quality for our clients.

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Welcome to our Private Early Childhood Education Centre (CEI), where children are the protagonists of their own learning. Focused on Positive Discipline, we create an educational environment that fosters the personal success of each child. Specialising in individual emotional management, we provide each child with the essential tools for their integral development.

Discover our project, "Hamelin Emociona", which focuses on self-love and love for others as the central axis. We give our children total freedom to express and manage their feelings. Join us in this exciting adventure, full of everything we need to grow and learn, get to know us and experience the difference in early childhood education with us!

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Values & Ideology

The importance of the family in the education of their children is a fundamental value at Hamelin. We offer spaces for active participation, where experiences are exchanged, knowledge is built, and parents are educated and informed about the work of being parents.

Positive Discipline

Our philosophy is to support childhood in an environment of listening and full attention. To give children the possibility of being protagonists in their education and to give adults the knowledge to act with responsibility and inter and intrapersonal skills in the different educational challenges that may arise.

Educational Quality

"If an adult likes to be understood by other adults, a baby likes to be understood by another baby who babbles like him."

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